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Publications and Presentations
    Associate Professor
    Marist College, School of Management 


    BA (2001) 
    Cornell University 

    MPA (2003) 
    Cornell Institute of Public Affairs 

    PhD (2006)
    Rutgers University
    School of Public Affairs & Administration      
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DatePublication TypeTitlePublication NameCo-AuthorsVolume/IssueAttachment Number
DatePublication TypeTitlePublication NameCo-AuthorsVolume/IssueAttachment Number
2021 Periodical/Briefs Global Comparative Public Administration and the Practice of Cultural Competence Policy Brief: Section on International and Comparative Administration  Manoharan, A. 2(1) 1004 
2021 Book Chapter Ethical Privacy Policies for E-Government Websites Corruption in the Public Sector: An International Perspective Manoharan, A. pp. 129-138 3007 
2020-8-24 Periodical The Politics of Cultural Competency Education PA Times  8(2020) 1003 
2020-11-6 Presentation The Politics of Cultural Competency in the Workplace Northeast Conference of Public Administration  Zoom (Boston, MA) 6031 
2019-11-9 Presentation Ethical Privacy Policies for E-government Northeast Conference on Public Administration Aroon Manoharan Brooklyn, NY 6030 
2019-03-10 Presentation Advancing Technology Through Cultural Competence: How Government Websites Respond to Diversity American Society of Public Administration Conference Melitski, J Washington, DC 6029 
2019 Journal Article Cultural Competency: Administrative Accountability and Responsibility Public Administration Quarterly  43(1) 5023 
2018 Journal Article Global Comparative Public Administration: Are MPA Programs Responding to the Call? Teaching Public Administration Manoharan, A 36(1) 5022 
2017 Journal Article Teaching Democracy: A Review of Public Administration Introductory Courses Journal of Public Affairs Education Gaynor, T 24(1) 5021 
2017 Journal Article Global Homelessness in a Post- Recession World Journal of Public Management and Social Policy Bainbridge, J. 24(1) 5020 
2016-04-09 Presentation Cultural Competency across the Curriculum Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management Spring Conference  Washington, DC 6028 
2016 Journal Article Organizational Advocacy of Cultural Competency Initiatives: Lessons for Public Administration Author Public Administration Quarterly Zahradnik, A., Silverio, M. 40(1) 5019 
2015-06-19 Presentation Managing Homelessness in a Post-Recession World 19th International Academic Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities Bainbridge, J Florence, Italy 6027 
2015 Journal Article Capturing the Art of Public Service: The Government’s Perspective Public Voices  14(2) 5018 
2014-03-17 Presentation "Policy Implementation of Cultural Competency Initiatives from Associated Fields of Public Administration Annual American Society for Public Administration National Conference Zahradnik, A Washington, DC 6026 
2014-03-14 Presentation Diversity Research in Public Administration Journal Articles and Books Conference of Minority Public Administrators  Washington, DC 6025 
2013-10-11 Presentation Small School – Large Reach: Succession Planning and Partnerships NASPAA Annual Conference Gaynor, T. S. Washington, DC 6024 
2013 Journal Contribution The Diversity of Topics and Changing Leadership Journal of Public Management and Social Policy Ewoh, A. 19(2) 0014 
2013 Journal Article International Sanitation Management and Performance Measurement: Taking out the Trash International Journal of Public Administration Bainbridge, J. 36(7) 5016 
2013 Journal Article Diversity in Public Administration Research: A Review of Journal Publications Public Administration Quarterly Gaynor-Rouse, T. 37(3) 5017 
2013 Journal Article A Public Service Education: A Review of Undergraduate Programs With a Community and Service Focus Journal of Public Affairs Education Bennett, L 19(2) 5015 
2012-3-4 Presentation Learning from Journal Editors Annual American Society for Public Administration National Conference Journal Editor Panel Las Vegas, NV 6021 
2012-2-23 Presentation Undergraduate Public Service Education: The Case for Diversity Conference of Minority Public Administrators  McAllen, TX 6022 
2012-11-4 Presentation A Global Perspective of Sanitation Management and Performance Measurement Northeast Conference on Public Administration  Bainbridge, J. Boston, MA 6023 
2012 Book Chapter M-Government:An Opportunity for Addressing the Digital Divide Citizen 2.0: Public and Governmental Interaction through Web 2.0 Technologies Manoharan, A; Bennett, L. pps 87-98 3006 
2012 Journal Contribution Public Interest: Philanthropy, Education and Accountability Journal of Public Management and Social Policy Ewoh, A. 18(1) 0013 
2011-10-29 Presentation A Public Service Education: A Review of Undergraduate Majors Northeast Conference on Public Administration Bennet, L. New York, NY 6020 
2011-03-12 Presentation Governance at the Local Level: A study of best practices in Prague, Czech Republic Annual American Society for Public Administration National Conference Melitski, J.  Baltimore, MD 6019 
2011 Journal Contribution Housing and Human Services: Intergenerational Policy Considerations Journal of Public Management and Social Policy Ewoh, A. 17(1) 0012 
2011 Journal Article E-Governance Approaches at the Local Level: A Case Study in Best Practice International Journal of Public Administration Melitski, J., Manoharan, A., Holzer, M. 34 5012 
2011 Book Review Reflections: Diversity and the Administrative State Public Administration Review  70(1) 2002 
2011 Journal Article Digital Governance Success Factors and Barriers to Success in Prague International Journal of Organization Theory and Behavior Melitski, J., Manoharan, A., and Holzer, M. 14(4) 5013 
2011 Journal Article Technological Equity: An International Perspective of E-government and Societal Divides Electronic Government: An International Journal Manoharan, A 8(1) 5008 
2011 Journal Article A Study of E-government and E-governance: An Empirical Examination of Municipal Websites Public Administration Quarterly D'Agostino, M., Schwester, R., and Melitski, J 35(1) 5007 
2011 Journal Article Recent trends in e-government: states’ and local governments’ utilisation of websites International Journal of Electronic Governance Manoharan, A. 4(4) 5014 
2010-10-23 Presentation M-Government and the Digital Divide Northeast Conference on Public Administration Bennett, L., Manoharan, A.  Newark, NJ 6018 
2010-04-21 Presentation Prague E-Governance: A Study of Best Practices  ePraha Pre-Conference Melitski, J Prague, Czech Republic 6017 
2010-04-10 Presentation Cultural Competency and the MPA Curriculum American Society for Public Administration National Conference   San Jose, CA 6016 
2010 Journal Contribution Public Service: Law Enforcement, Environmentalism and Health Journal of Public Management and Social Policy Ewoh, A. 16(1) 0010 
2010 Journal Contribution 21st Century Public Management: Environmentalism and E-government Journal of Public Management and Social Policy Ewoh, A. 16(2) 0011 
2010 Journal Article Image of Public Servants in Editorial Cartoons (1999-2003) Public Voices  11(1) 5009 
2010 Journal Article Targeting Opportunities for Shared Police Services Public Performance and Management Review Melitski, J., Schwester, R. 34(2) 5011 
2010 Book/Monograph Prague E-Governance: A Study of Best Practices Publisher: National Center for Public Performance Holzer, M., Melitski, J., and Manoharan, A. ISBN 978-0-942942-14-9 4003 
2010 Journal Article Exploring Cultural Competency within the Public Affairs Curriculum  Journal of Public Affairs Education  16(4) 5010 
2009-06-19 Presentation Technological Equity: An International Perspective of Online Service Delivery  Social Equity and Leadership Conference Manoharan, A Newark, NJ 6015 
2009-03-23 Presentation Challenges and Opportunities for Cultural Competency Initiatives American Society for Public Administration National Conference  Miami, FL 6014 
2009-02-09 Presentation Driving Forces for Cultural Competency Initiatives in the Public Sector Conference of Minority Public Administrators  Las Vegas, NV 6012 
2009 Journal Article An Examination of Municipal 311 System International Journal of Organization Theory and Behavior Schwester, R. and Holzer, M 12(2) 5006 
2009 Book Review The Internet Citizenry: Access and Participation Public Administration Review  69(2) 2001 
2009 Journal Article Race and Ethnicity as Determinants of Privatizing State Prisons International Review of Public Administration Price, B. and Schwester, R 13(3) 5004 
2009 Journal Contribution Mediation, Equity and Attrition: Social Policy across America Journal of Public Management and Social Policy  15(1) 0008 
2009 Journal Article Representative ‘Identity’: Latino Populations in a Representative Bureaucracy Public Voices  10(2) 5005 
2009 Journal Contribution Contemporary Cases: Policy, Privatization and Networks Journal of Public Management and Social Policy Ewoh, A. 15(2) 0009 
2008-09-06 Presentation Challenges for Cultural Competency Initiatives in the Public Sector Minnowbrook III Conference  Lake Placid, NY 6011 
2008-04-26 Presentation City 311 Systems: Improving Public Performance and Meeting Citizens’ Needs Urban Affairs Association 38th Annual Meeting Shick, R., Holzer, M., Schwester, R., Melitski, J.,  Baltimore, Maryland 6010 
2008 Book Chapter Worldwide E-Governance: A Longitudinal Assessment of Municipal Web Sites and the Digital Divide E-Government Research: Policy and Management Holzer, M. and Manoharan, A  3004 
2008 Book/Monograph The Future of Technology in Local Municipalities: A Study of E-Government Practices  VDM Publishing  ISBN: 978-3-8364-7784-0 4002 
2008 Journal Contribution Political Coalitions, Policy Innovations and Changing Demographics: The Road Ahead for Public Management Journal of Public Management and Social Policy Price, B. 14(1) 0006 
2008 Journal Article Functions of E-Government: A Study of Municipal Practices  State and Local Government Review  40(1) 5003 
2008 Journal Article Critical Factors in an Electronic Democracy: a Study of Municipal Managers The Electronic Journal of e-Government  6(1) 5002 
2008 Book Chapter Digital Governance Worldwide Government: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications Holzer, M., Kim, S. and Kim, C 5(30) 3005 
2007 Periodical Latinos, the Media and Public Administration  PA Times  30(11) 1002 
2007 Journal Contribution Contemporary Issues in Local and State Government: Transportation, Redistricting and Sustainable Municipalities Journal of Public Management and Social Policy Price, B. 13(1) 0007 
2006 Journal Article Digital Governance Worldwide: A Longitudinal Assessment of Municipal Websites International Journal of Electronic Government Research Holzer, M., Kim, S. and Kim, C 2(4) 5001 
2006 Periodical Online for Public Administration  PA Times  29(6) 1001 
2006 Book Chapter E-Governance in Latin American Cities: An Assessment of Selected City Web Sites American Online: Cases, Successes and Pitfalls Holzer, M. and, Schwester, R.  3002 
2006 Journal Contribution Representative Bureaucracy: A Biography of Related Literature Journal of Public Management and Social Policy Sadeghi, L 12(2) 0004 
2006 Book Chapter Digital Government Online Education for Public Managers Encyclopedia of Digital Government  Holzer, M. and Kim, Y. 1(1) 3003 
2006 Journal Contribution Contemporary Issues in Public Management and Policy: Language Accessibility, Voter Participation and Affirmative Action Journal of Public Management and Social Policy Price, B. 12(2) 0005 
2005 Book/Monograph Reinventing Newark: Visions of the City from the Twentieth Century Publisher: National Center for Public Productivity Holzer, M., Strom, E., Redman-Simmons, L ISBN: 978-0942942040 4001 
2005 Book Chapter Directories of Government Agencies and Offices Research and Information Resources for Public Administration Holzer, M, Redding-Raines, A and Yu, W. (Book Eds.)  3001 
2004 Journal Contribution Education and Training: Citizen-Driven Government Performance Public Performance and Management Review  28(1) 0001 
2004 Journal Contribution E-Government: Recent Publications Public Performance and Management Review  28(1) 0002 
2004 Journal Contribution Literary Resources to Public Administration Public Voices Illiash, I 7(2) 0003 
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